Raised by a pack of wild chickens, adopted by a troupe of wandering crafters, and ran away to join the artists.

A crazy blend of coasts and cultures, I was born in Buffalo, NY but found my home in Portland, Oregon. I graduated from the University of Buffalo in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in General Studio and soon after continued my education with Advanced Studies in Character Animation at Animation Mentor in 2013.

I work in an ever-growing array of mediums; bringing my digital and traditional illustrations to life as puppets and dolls through a mix of craft and fine art practices. In my spare time, I participate in costume and cosplay events, serve as consulting crafter to any who ask my help, and dabble in storytelling with several works I hope to self-publish in the near future.

As an avid reader and researcher, I am always looking for new skills and techniques to add to my knowledge base, as well as a broader understanding of the unique cultures and traditions that influence art around the world.

Below is an outline of the skills I offer, and a brief summary of my work experience. For further information, please contact me at joellesaveliev@gmail.com


Mold Making and Casting (Plaster, Silicone, Resin, Latex, Urethane Foam)
Puppet and Doll Fabrication (Sculpting, Wire Armatures / Soldering, Foam and Soft Sculpture, Eyes, Hair and Fur)
Sculpture (Apoxie Clay, Polymer Clay, NSP Chavant, Dremel, Foam Core Store Displays)
Costume (Miniature and Human Sized Knit, Crochet, Machine and Hand Sewing, Pattern Making, Textile Dying and Printing, Leatherwork, Beading/Jewelry, Needle Felting, and Embroidery)
Painting (Acrylic, Watercolor/Gouach, Oil, Miniatures)
Illustration (Digital and Traditional media)
Publication Layout and Design (Monthly Flyer, Promotional Materials)


Illustrator and Inkscape- files for plotting cutters and laser etching
Maya animation, some modeling for basic sets and 3D printing
Dragon Stop Motion


Hive Mind by Calliope Games – Board Game and Card Illustrations (2016)
Craft Warehouse – Events Coordinator, Model and Display Maker, Teacher, Graphic Artist, Framer, Resource and Reference Person (Feb 2015-Present)
FarFaria Children’s Book App – Contributing Writer and Illustrator (2011)


Bachelor of Fine Arts in General Studio – summa cum laude, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2011
Advanced Studies in Character Design – Animation Mentor, 2013